The Discovery Series

Part of my assignment at Africa’s Hope is to help in the production and distribution of our Discovery series.  We have been working to translate the material into French and Portuguese although we have also started translating several of the other languages needed for distribution.

The 38-book Africa’s Hope Discovery Series is written especially for Africa and is the key element to equipping 40,000 untrained ministers on the continent. The goal of the Journey of Discovery is to provide the Discovery Series in at least 12 major languages for African national churches. Thousands of untrained and undertrained pastors will benefit from the Discovery Series in their mother tongue.

We are experiencing a high volume of requests from our African national churches to have the Discovery Series translated into their heart languages.

The 12 heart languages in addition to English are:

Amharic Malagasy
Arabic Mòoré
Chichewa Oromiffa
French Portuguese
Hausa Swahili
Lingala Somali

The English Discovery Series is used in dozens of Bible schools across the continent, and the demand is increasing continent-wide. Biblically sound training materials that are easily understood assist African pastors in correctly teaching Scripture and becoming effective leaders.



We Are Back

Hello everyone,

We have been away for awhile for a variety of reasons.  We apologize for this and are going to attempt to be more faithful in our communications with all of you; you are important to us and we want to give you information pertaining to our ministry and to hear from you as well.

The short video below will give you an update on what we are doing these days.  We  also suggest that you check out the website for Africa’s Hope to learn more about the many ways we minister across the continent of Africa.

Workers Together for the Harvest

Tim & Joyce


2016 Highlights

2016 was an amazing year for us as we have watched God’s hand move on our behalf and open new doors of ministry for us through working with Africa’s Hope, a ministry of AGWM. Tim is part of the leadership team and oversees the ministry of Africa Library Services (ALS).

Our mission at Africa’s Hope is “to facilitate training that equips the church in Africa to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit”.

In an effort to accomplish our mission, here are some of the activities and ministries that Tim has completed with the help of the Africa Library Services team this year:

  • Visited Bible Schools and training centers in Burkino Faso, Togo, Kenya and Tanzania. He helped set up and equip several of the Bible Schools in these countries.
  • Shipped 8 containers, a number of crates and numerous suitcases filled with textbooks and library supplies to several different African nations to assist their Bible Schools.
  • Used the “Print on Demand” (POD) press to print over $11,000 in books; this same amount of books printed elsewhere would have cost 3-4 times as much. These books have been printed in English, French and Portuguese. One of our goals is to set up 12 “PODS” around the African continent. This will enable Bible Schools/National churches to print their own materials; saving us thousands of dollars in printing costs and shipping books from the states.

There are 352 Bible training centers across Africa with 14,187 students enrolled and being trained for ministry.  Our on-going goal is to supply each of them with the textbooks they need in the languages of their people.

To facilitate these needs, we are continuing to produce and print our Discovery Series textbooks which currently consists of 38 titles; the equivalent of a 3-year diploma level training or an AA degree.  This meets the needs of 90% of our African pastors and leaders.  These courses will eventually be printed in thirteen different languages.

We are also producing and printing the “Living the Truth” series.  This is a seven year discipleship training course for all believers. We currently have 18 million believers in Assembly of God churches across Africa – and the number is growing daily!

There are exciting days ahead of us as we continue to strive to strengthen our national churches by providing biblically sound and culturally relevant educational materials; for the new convert as well as for our emerging national leaders attending Assemblies of God Bible schools and training centers. Africa’s Hope is there, partnering with the national church for an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa.