POD Installment


Tim leaves Monday, January 21, for South Africa to install a POD (Print On Demand)System in Rustenburg, South Africa at SAST (Southern Africa School of Theology).  This POD is one of over a dozen that are scheduled to be installed across the African continent.

These POD systems will expedite the printing of training materials used at the Bible School; it will save thousands of dollars over time in shipping costs and purchase of materials from the states.  The Bible School will be able to print much of their own training materials for the students.

Pray for Tim and his team as they travel to and from South Africa and spend almost two weeks there setting up the POD and training personnel in its use and care.


The Art of “Crating”

One of Tim’s responsibilities at Africa’s Hope is that he oversees the procurement and shipment of books – thousands of books.  Some are printed by Tim and his team on the PODS (Print On Demand Systems), some are ordered from other printers, some books are donated by Bibles Schools, pastors, churches, etc. all over the U.S.  They are sorted, labeled, catalogued and prepared for their long journey oversees to one of our 360+ Bible Schools.  Tim has done this process so many times that he has developed a talent for “crating” books to reach their destination quickly and damage free.  Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry.  Your financial gifts provide for the procurement and shipment of hundreds of crates filled with thousands of books.  The Bible School students across Africa dance with joy when they see a crate being delivered to their school.  Thank you for making these dances of joy possible!


Print On Demand System (PODS)

We would like to share a portion of a newsletter we just received in our office from the David Schmidts family who are missionaries in Cameroon.  They are receiving one of the POD Systems that Africa’s Hope is providing to key locations across Africa.  We are excited about these valuable tools that we are shipping to our Africa missionaries to be used at the Bible Schools.  Tim will travel to each location to oversee the set up of the PODS, train the local staff how to use them and how to make small repairs. This process will take about two weeks from uncrating the system to printing materials for the Bible School.

Excerpt from the newsletters sent by the Schmidts, Missionaries to Cameroon:

NEW Building for our Print On Demand System

Our Print-On-Demand system will be an important element in our strategic plan
to enhance
evangelistic, discipleship, and training efforts.  POD systems are “bookshops in a box” that inexpensively produce quality, perfect-bound books in short runs.  Our schools only order as many textbooks as are needed for a certain class. This ensures that each new class will receive the latest textbook and eliminates the need to store large inventories.  We will also be able to print materials for Sunday School for local churches.