Update – November 6, 2007

Dear Friends,

Thank you for continuing to check our website; I try to update it every week or 10 days.

We are still not in our apartment which means we are still living the gypsy lifestyle. We stay with family and friends around the country while our belongings stay stored in a container in Blissfield MI. We are thankful for the hospitality of family and friends.

We traveled to Missouri on the 3rd of this month; last Saturday. We had services in Springfield, Mo Sunday morning and in Bourbon, Mo Sunday night the 4th. This Wednesday evening we have services in Carthage MO and at Grace A/G in Springfield on Thursday evening. We will travel back to Michigan on Friday; we have a Missions banquet on Saturday evening and services in Marysville on Sunday evening.

As you can see, we stay busy traveling and holding services. We share our burden for missions and our missions calling with congregations in Michigan and Missouri. Later this month we will be in North Carolina for a few weeks. We go wherever to Lord opens a door for us to minister.

Usually, we spend Tuesday through Thursday on the phones contacting churches in various districts. Please remember that if you want to contact us via email, use tim.jarvis@agmd.org

Please pray with us for the following needs:
1. We are in urgent need of monthly support; please pray that churches/individuals will be moved by the Holy Spirit to partner with us to reach the lost souls of Tanzania. We are at a critical time in our itineration process.
2. Pray for us to have traveling mercies as we travel through different states; especially as the winter weather approaches.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers on our behalf; we continue to believe God for a miracle in our finances. We feel an urgency to return to Tanzania as soon as possible.

Tim and Joyce Jarvis


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