Month in Review

The month of December has flown by and we find ourselves in January of 2008. We have traveled literally several thousand miles in the past month since we last updated our journal. We have been to North Carolina twice, Florida, Iowa, and back and forth between Missouri and Michigan several times. We often don’t have a strong enough signal to update our journal but we appreciate all of you who check our website and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
We have been blessed by many of you during the Christmas season and we thank you for your gifts to us. We have had services throughout the states mentioned above and we are slowly building our monthly pledge support. We hope to have everything raised by the end of March; please continue to pray.
We were able to spend the weekend before Christmas with our oldest daughter, Jenn, in Iowa; Sarah was able to accompany us for that trip and the four of us had a wonderful time together.
We were also able to be with both sides of our family for the week of Christmas for what should be our last Christmas in the states for a few years. It was good to be with loved ones and celebrate Christmas with them all one more time.
Urgent Prayer Request:
Please pray for the country of Kenya; it has been in great turmoil since the elections a few weeks ago. The two candidates were from different tribes; Kibaki is Kikuyu while Odinga is Luo; Kibaki won the election by a very slim margin and there seems to be evidence of ballot rigging. Several hundred people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have fled the country as ethnic-based rioting continues to occur across the country. Hundreds of businesses, homes and churches have been distroyed; food and fuel are in short supply and when available are at extremely inflated costs.
We have dozens of A/G missionaries in Kenya; they are all staying in Kenya for now and attempting to help the national church assist the victims of the riots with food and shelter.

I will try to update again in just a few days!
Tim and Joyce


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