February 22, 2008

We have finished our “tour” through the frozen states of Michigan and Iowa and have returned to Springfield, MO. Our first experience with the Iowa churches was good; the pastors and people were very welcoming to us and we appreciate their hospitality to us even though we are not Iowa missionaries. It seemed to us that they felt our heart for the lost people of Tanzania and our yearning to return to Tanzania as soon as possible and somehow wanted to be a part of that.
On our way home on Thursday there were winter weather warnings for most of the areas that we traveled through; although we had to slow down from time to time we made it home safely. God has been very good to us during our thousands of miles of travel; we have not had an accident of any kind nor have we been stranded due to weather. I am reminded how Jesus stilled the waters for the disciples when they became frightened in the boat as it tossed around on the waves. In the same way, God has kept us safe through rain, sleet, ice, snow, fog, heavy traffic and inattentive drivers doing too many other things while trying to drive the highways.
Thanks to all of you for your constant prayers; they are needed and appreciated.
Joyce and Tim


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