February 28, 2008

Hello Friends,

This past weekend we were in a small Kansas town, Moran, for Sunday services. Again, we were granted safe travel. It rained on us the last hour of the 3 hour trip and a few minutes after arriving safely at our destination the rain turned to ice followed by a couple inches of snow.
Tim helped clear the sidewalks the next morning for services and we had a good group of people who braved the weather and made it out to church.
The rest of this week will be a quiet week for us; Tim had surgery yesterday. For many months he has been having pain and it continued to increase in severity; after seeing a Doctor it was determined that he needed to have his gall bladder removed. He went in yesterday morning and had a successful surgery and was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon.. So, we will be doing things such as catching up on paper work, emails, and phone calls. All of these things he can do with little physical effort. He is already feeling better except for the tenderness from the surgery. Keep him in yours prayers for a a quick recovery.
As always, we appreciate all of you who support us with prayers and/or financial support.
Joyce Jarvis


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