Shangalia Yesu

Hello, friends.
We did not have services scheduled for yesterday; Palm Sunday and Easter are two dates which missionaries usually are not able to book for a service. That is, of course, understandable; so we were able to attend two different local churches yesterday.
The emphasis at both churches revolved around the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem just a week before he was crucified. As I reflected about the triumphal entry of Jesus, I remembered back to the many times in Tanzania when we would watch the people in various churches “Shangalia Yesu” (celebrate Jesus). We would watch people who were poor, sick, and often struggling to survive from day to day worship Jesus with great joy. I remember the African Christians waving palm branches that they gathered as they walked to church on Palm Sunday; they would often begin waving the branches and singing as they drew near to the church. Often, the people would get so swept up in their worship that the pastor or worship leader would have a special way of making the people stop worshiping so they could continue with the service. In one church, they would actually ring a bell to signify that it was time for worship to end and the preaching of the Word to begin.
Tim and I look forward to seeing our African brothers and sisters and joining them as they celebrate Jesus with great joy; we had hoped to be back in Tanzania in time for this Easter season but we were unable to do so. Please pray with us that we will finish our itineration soon and be able to return to Tanzania.
Have a blessed day!
Tim & Joyce Jarvis


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