"The Gathering"

MK Easter Dinner
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Easter Sunday, we were privileged to have one of “the gathering’s”; it was our first since last September and will be our last for a long while.
These gatherings are times when we invite the East Africa MKs (missionary kids) to our home in Springfield, MO for food and fellowship. We have been doing this since our arrival back in the states in 2001 and look forward to them. It has been part of our ministry to be Aunt and Uncle (family) to the group of East Africa MKs who live in Springfield; most are attending one of the local colleges. Our home was their home with most of them having a key to our home and an open invitation to come over whenever they wanted or needed to do so. However, that ended when we “went on the road” to itinerate and rented out our home.
Well, we are currently living in Springfield again until we finish our itineration and we did not have a service scheduled anywhere this past Sunday since it was Easter. We decided to invite the group of MKs over for Sunday dinner after we had all attended Easter morning services.
It was a great time of food and fellowship; we laughed over shared memories and enjoyed one another’s company again. We are proud of our East Africa MKs and truly love them as family; it was great to be together one more time.
Be Blessed,
Joyce Jarvis


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