Trip to Michigan

Hello, everyone
We left last Wednesday for Michigan; we had a Mission’s convention at Traverse City with Living Hope Assembly of God. We had a wonderful time at a house meeting on Thursday night; our hostess, Marianne, was so gracious and the group that gathered at her home were wonderful mission’s-minded people. It was a great evening!
The other reason we were in Michigan is that our niece was married on Saturday and Tim and I were Master/Mistress of Ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding. Our daughter, Sarah, traveled to Michigan with us and our oldest daughter, Jenn, traveled from Iowa and joined us; we have always been close to Wayne and Connie and our children have always been close as well.
It was wonderful to be together with our two daughters again; we have not been together since right before Christmas. We didn’t get much sleep over those three days but we did a lot of catching up and it was well worth the effort; we did a lot of laughing and remembering.
I was reminded again as we parted ways on Sunday and Jenn headed back for Iowa that our children grow up and go their own way whether we are ready for it or not. I was also reminded of how far away we will be from them when we are in Africa but I know that God will give me special grace for that time.
Tim & Joyce Jarvis

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