Birthday blessings

Hello, everyone.

I just have a quick note today; yesterday was Sarah’s 21st birthday. Sarah is our youngest daughter and we are celebrating with her on Sunday afternoon since she is in the middle of studying for finals this week.

Sarah reminded me that 10 years ago, on her 11th birthday, we were in language school in Musoma, Tanzania. It was a difficult time for Sarah. Tim and I were away at school a lot and she was left alone with an African housekeeper who barely spoke English. She was home schooled and had no friends; she did not even know how to communicate with the Swahili-speaking children who lived around us. At that time, she was very homesick for America and the life she knew before Africa.

She reminded me that it rained on that day and she asked if she could go out and play in the rain for her birthday present. I said, “yes”, so she danced and laughed and played in the rain on her 11th birthday; her first one in Africa. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and we laughed together; it was a good memory.

It rained Thursday on her 21st birthday as well; she didn’t dance in the rain but she WAS driving in the rain. She is no longer the frightened lonely little girl she was then; God has brought her a long way and we are thankful for His faithfulness.

Be blessed.
Joyce Jarvis


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