Hello, everyone

We just finished attending the Southern Missouri District council this week; it was a very busy time. This was our first time to attend the council for this district; we attended all of the events in an effort to meet as many pastors and officials in this district as possible. Each day we were at our booth before the morning sessions started and stayed until at least 10:00 each night. We made ourselves available to answer questions about us and our ministry in Tanzania.

I, Joyce, received my credentials (license) with the Southern Missouri District council on the final evening of the council; it was a highlight for me. I am now a minister with the Assemblies of God and am licensed through the Southern MO district. Tim is ordained through the Michigan District; this makes us both Michigan and Southern Missouri missionaries. Sarah was able to attend the credentialing service and presented me with a dozen red roses from Jenn, Sarah, and Tim.
I believe that being a licensed minister will open doors of opportunity for me to minister more effectively both in the states and in Tanzania.
Be blessed,
Joyce Jarvis

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