Tanzanian Friends

Hello everyone,

Recently, we had an opportunity to spend a little time with some Tanzanian friends. The Mhiche’s (m-he-chay) came to the states to see their oldest child, Daniel, graduate from Evangel University in Springfield MO. Neither of them have ever been to the states before and they were both a little overwhelmed with the many things that assaulted their senses all at the same time. They were in awe of the wealth and possessions that the Americans have and take for granted. Mama Mhiche spoke to me in Swahili about the beauty of this country and how clean and neat our streets and cities were kept.
I remembered back to how we were overwhelmed when we first arrived in Tanzania at how poor the Tanzanian people were; there was poverty and disease all around us and it assaulted our senses as well. We come from totally different worlds; one very affluent by African standards and the other very poor.
We came together for a common cause; we each had a desire to reach the Tanzanian people with the Gospel. We became friends and formed a bond of friendship with mutual respect for one another; we are all part of the family of God doing the work He has called us to do.
Mama Mhiche hugged me and said, “Now that I have seen your country, I understand what your family left when you came to Tanzania”.
As the scriptures say, “we are compelled by love”.
We are anxious to return and work together with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania to see the lost come to Christ. Please pray that we will be able to return soon.
Be Blessed,
Joyce Jarvis

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