Status Report May

I want to just give you a quick update as to where we stand in our support. We were at almost 78%; however, we had a budget increase which dropped us back down to about 73%. The Lord has given us several new ministry partners this week and our monthly support is now back up to 76%; please continue to pray for us.
We have been itinerating for 21 months now and had hoped to leave for the field this past January; we are urgently needed in Tanzania. We are the only missionaries assigned to the western region of Tanzania; this region is about the size of the state of Indiana. There are still many unreached areas in that region. In addition, there are a number of new churches there that need our help in becoming strong indigenous churches that will reach their communities with the Gospel.
Please continue to pray that we will be able to return to Tanzania very soon; we know that God has called us and He is more than able to supply our needs.
Be blessed!


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