People of Faith

Hello everyone,
I had a very long talk with my oldest daughter, Jenn, yesterday; it did my heart good. First, because I only talk to her a couple of times a month and so I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her. Secondly, it did my heart good because sometimes you wonder as a parent what kind of an impression you made on your children as you raised them and what they remember about their lives.
My daughter spoke to me yesterday about a conversation she had with a co-worker a few days ago. She told them that she was raised in a family of faith and she watched her parents help people in need all her life. She remembers that her parents loved people and lived to help people; that we were people of faith who trusted God to meet our needs because we were faithfully trying to meet the needs of others. She said something like, “Mom, I know everything is going to be OK; God has done so much for us already and I know He is going to take care of this too.”
We still need about 24% of our support by the end of July; we have been calling and leaving messages with churches and pastors. Our financial status has changed little since the last blog I posted; however, we are choosing to live as people of faith. We trust God with our future just as we have always trusted Him in the past. Whether we go to Africa or not is not dependent upon our efforts; it is in the hands of the God who is faithful and trustworthy. Today in my devotions I read Psalm 121:1-8, read it and be blessed.
In Him,
Joyce Jarvis


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