Tumefika! (We Have Arrived!)

Dear Friends,
Tim and I arrived in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on Sunday night, August 3. We had a safe trip but two days of flying is a long time; we were glad to finally get to our destination. We were met by some of the Tanzanian missionaries who came to welcome us back to TZ.
We will stay in Dar this week for the Tanzania A/G General Council and we are looking forward to seeing many friends this week and meeting the new missionaries on the TZ field since we left. We have to take care of business such as getting our phones, picking up our vehicle, and buying a few supplies that we need for here. We will work all the business in around the busy General Council schedule.
We woke this morning to the sounds of Tanzania outside our window and I was smiling before I even got out of bed! Ahh, a dream come true!
The Jarvis’


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