Tanzania General Council

Our first week in Tanzania was spent in the capital city, Dar Es Salaam; we stayed with one of the missionaries there, Ron & Gloria Hanson.
Tim left every morning with Ron; the men attended the General Council sessions each day while the missionary women and children had our own schedule of events. These events were basically shopping and eating at various restaurants; the missionary family in Tanzania only gets a chance to get together maybe 3 or 4 times a year. It is important for us to bond together as a family and team during these brief times. It is also important for the children to have a chance to play with and bond with their missionary families in Tanzania; most of them will not see there stateside families more than once every four years.
In the evenings, the men joined us and we spent time talking over the events of the day and storing up memories for those long months when some of us are far away in other parts of Tanzania. For us, Mwanza is a long two day drive from Dar Es Salaam and three other families live a long day’s drive away.
General Council brought many surprises; all three General Council positions (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Sec/Treasurer) were filled with new faces.
The ministers of the Tanzania Assemblies of God overwhelmingly voted for change; as the winds of change begin to blow across the TAG we pray that they will be driven by the wind of the Holy Spirit. It is a new day for the TAG here in Tanzania with so many new faces in leadership positions and we pray that God will grant these leaders wisdom to move forward according to His will.
There was a record number of ministers ordained this year at the General Council; about 250 altogether. It was a moving sight as all the missionaries attended the final evening of General Council to witness the ordination service. The missionary men moved among the ordination candidates along with the TAG leadership laying hands on each one and praying for them to be anointed of God for service.
Pray for the missionaries here in Tanzania, that we will be able to build strong relationships with our various leaders so that together we can do the work of the Kingdom together as one body.
Tim & Joyce

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