Kindness – where can it lead?

Recently we were giving one of the pastor’s who also teaches at the Mwanza Bible School a ride home. As we traveled he was telling us that his church is growing and they now have their own church building and property and are looking to buy more land and build on to the church in the future. As we traveled he pointed out an Orphanage and said that the church had rented a room from them when they first started. They had been searching for a place to meet and finally checked with this orphanage to see if they could use one of their classrooms for their church to meet in on Sundays.
The director of the orphanage asked them what religious group they belonged to and was told that the church was part of the Assemblies of God. The director thought for a minute and said, “A few years ago, a missionary with your group had a daughter who brought a group of students from her school and they spent the day with us. They told stories, did crafts, sang songs, performed with puppets and gave our children a wonderful day of fun. Because of this, we will let you rent one of our rooms to hold your church services in until you can find or build your own building.
We recognized the orphanage; we had been there before. Our daughter, Sarah, was the student who had visited them with some of her classmates almost eight years earlier. Sarah had started a “Kindness Club” at school and the orphanage had been the first recipient of their acts of kindness.
Because of that small act of kindness done by a group of caring young teens, a local Assemblies of God church was given a place to begin having their services in a community where there was not yet a church established. The church now is growing and touching their community with the Gospel and with additional “acts of kindness”.
Do a kind deed today; you never know how God may use it later to advance His Kingdom.


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