Saturday was graduation day at the Mwanza Bible College; we were so excited to witness our first graduation there. We finished building the college and it opened in January 2001; we were here for the dedication in June 2001 and then we left to return to the states for our furlough.

We stayed in the states for seven years due to various health issues and have finally been able to return to Mwanza.

A total of 30 students graduated; 28 men and 2 women. There was much celebrating and rejoicing and we were so happy to be here and be able to take part in the activities of the day. It was a long day but Tanzanians love to celebrate and they are never in a hurry. They have so many difficulties in their lives that when an opportunity arises to celebrate, they savor the experience and take their time.

After the graduation, lunch was served and we continued to fellowship and enjoy the day. I had two pastors come up to me who started in that first class in January 2001and were part of the first graduating class from the Mwanza Bible college; both were in the class I taught on “Missions” that semester right before we left Tanzania. It was a joy to meet them again with their wives.


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