TAG Leadership visits Mwanza

On November 13th and 14th, we were privileged to host the new Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) leadership here in Mwanza. These three men are currently traveling to each of the districts and installing the new leadership. In addition, they are announcing the new 10 year plan for the TAG. They have spent much time in prayer and fasting as well as consulting a large number of individuals and groups prior to drawing this new plan. We believe they have been guided and directed by the Spirit of God.

The plan is aggressive and brings many changes. Our two districts, the Lake District and the Western District which make up the western third of the country, have each been divided into three districts. Our two former districts are now six smaller districts; and new leadership has been installed in each new district. The exception is the Mara region which is the vast area between here and the Kenyan border. This region has only 13 established TAG churches and thus it has been placed under the Mission Department of the TAG; it will receive assistance from the national church to help with church planting and evangelism efforts. We will be involved with these efforts in the Mara District since we are the resident missionaries in this part of the country.

The key words in the new ten year plan are excellence, accountability, and integrity for all levels of leadership from the national office down to each individual pastor and church official. There will be an aggressive effort made to train all of our pastors and to grow the TAG from 200,000 adherents to 2,000,000 adherents in ten years. We will radically increase our evangelism and church planting efforts and our efforts to adequately train and prepare our current pastors as well as new pastors.

The plan definitely will usher in a “new day” for the TAG and will require that we all, the national church, the local church and the missionary body to work together as one team to see the Church grow in Tanzania.

May God help us and the Holy Spirit guide us! We live in difficult times but we also live in a time of great opportunity for the spreading of the Gospel.


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