The Difference between "our" and "the".

It’s amazing what a difference one small word can make; it struck me sometime back. Wherever we travel, whether to the Bible School here in Mwanza, to various meetings, or to one of the many churches in our area, I have noticed something when they introduce us.
They never say “the missionary”, but they always say “our missionary”. That may not sound like much of a difference but it is actually very significant.
It means that we belong here, that they consider us as part of themselves. It means that they have accepted us and consider us to be family. It is very humbling, they often clap and cheer when we are introduced.
They know that we chose to come here and came against all the odds that were against us. They know that we want to be here in this part of the country and that we have no desire to be anywhere else.
There are other missionaries in Tanzania besides us; but on this side of the country, we are the only ones who are referred to as “our missionaries”.
It’s good to feel wanted and loved; especially by “our” Bible school, churches and pastors.
Be blessed today!


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