Wanawake wa Kristo-WWK Day (Women of Christ)

Sunday was WWK Day in the TAG (Tanzania Assemblies of God). This day is set aside for the women of the church to conduct all of the services/events for that day. It is looked forward to and planned for all year.
This day can be counted on to go longer than the normal service time; after all, this particular group of people only get this one special day a year to express themselves freely in our churches. The women of Tanzania are the “work horses” of this country; as they are any many countries. Many of them have very difficult lives; they are sometimes beaten by their husbands and they have little recourse. For those who have Christian husbands, their lives are still difficult. They live much like the pioneer women of the early days of the United States; they carry water from a distance, they cook over open fires outside, they plant gardens for their food, they bear children in abundance and often lose some to sickness and disease. In this country they have few rights and privileges and although changes are coming slowly, they have little to rejoice about.
However, the Christian women I know here rejoice in the midst of their hardships and face life with great courage and determination. They have joy and hope that comes from their relationship with God which transcends their daily circumstances. These women know how to celebrate; they sing, dance, perform skits, wave flags, blow whistles and generally have a good time on their special day. WWK Day is a day set aside for them to celebrate as Christian Women and they take their time and savor every moment.
At the end of the service, they present generous gifts to the pastors and elders of the church. They celebrate on their special day; but, as is their custom, they also give generously to the leadership of the church. They believe that part of their purpose for being is to minister to the leaders in their church and they do so, even on THEIR day. They inspire me!
Be blessed.


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