Spiritual Emphasis Week

This past week was Spiritual Emphasis week at the Mwanza Bible College; we invited the first principal of the school back to speak. Ron Swai is now our General Secretary for the TAG(Tanzania Assemblies of God) and is a good friend.

It was good to reminisce about the early days of the Bible College; we finished building it in 2001 and Ron was our first principal. In those early days we did not have electricity or water on top of Bwiru Hill where our college is situated on the very top overlooking Lake Victoria.

It wasn’t too long before electricity came up the hill to our property although water was carried and then later pumped from further down the hill. Back in those days we had a lot of hopes and dreams for our Bible College; we started with about 30 students that first year.

We have been graduating about 30 students every year and we currently have 65 students enrolled and we have seven teachers, one visiting teacher and a principal plus other support staff.

God has been faithful to His promise to establish the Bible College and it was good to have Ron come and encourage us. Although we have a ways to go yet to have all the buildings and supplies that we need; we have come a long way since those early days.

During Spiritual Emphasis week we had chapel every morning with the student body and services in the evenings which were also attended by the members of the Bwiru Chrisitan Center which is located on our campus.

We were encouraged and challenged during the week; everyone benefited from the teaching, worship and prayer during this past week. Students spent hours in the chapel seeking for a closer relationship with God and a clear focus for their ministries.
The above picture is of our chapel/Bwiru Christian Center.


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