Two Week Schedule

How would you like a rundown of our schedule the past two weeks? Ok, here we go!
Ron Swai arrived for Spiritual Emphasis week; we had two services each day and we had all the faculty and their spouses to our home at the end of that week on Friday. On Saturday, the 28th of February, Peter and two young men from the states arrived. We put all three of them in the second spare bedroom since Ron was still occupying the first one.
Sunday morning, Tim traveled with Peter, Garrett and Chris to visit one of the local churches that they had helped build. Sunday afternoon Ron left to return to Dar. On Monday morning, we went to chapel where Peter spoke and then they flew out on Monday afternoon. Monday was spent at the Bible College preparing for the big event the following day; all the leadership would be arriving and spending the day at the college. Leadership began to arrive by boat, bus, and plane on Monday and continued through to Tuesday morning. Tim was kept busy picking people up and taking them to hotels and getting them settled in. Thankfully, we have a wonderful staff at the Bible College who took care of most of the preparations going on there.
Tueday morning Tim picked up our General and Assistant Superintendents at the airport and we spent all day at the school in meetings. We had a dinner that evening with the students and leadership and also with our out-going Registrar to celebrate her 22 years of service with the Education Department.
We had a faculty meeting with the School Board and the leadership that same night that went until about 10:30. We arrived home with our two guests who were staying with us, our General Superintendent and the Assistant General Supt of the TAG. We were all exhausted but it had been a wonderful day!
We all went to bed around midnight and Tim and the others left to travel to Musoma at 5:00am on Wednesday morning. They spent the night there since it was a three hour trip one-way. They returned on Thursday evening around 7:30 and we had a late supper and went to bed.
The next morning, Friday, they again left at around 5:30am and traveled in the other direction to Shinyanga which is a 2 1/2 hour drive over rough dirt roads. They spent the day there and arrived back that evening in time for a leadership meeting here at one of the local churches.
The next morning, Saturday, there was a special meeting for the churches in the Mwanza area and a huge crowd showed up for the event. Immediately after the meeting, Tim took the leadership to the airport to fly back to Dar.
Wow, what a busy two weeks! Tim and I had two services to attend yesterday, Sunday. This morning Tim spoke in chapel at the Bible College since Monday is Principal’s day and we took care of some business there that was urgent and had a couple of meetings as well.
When we arrived home this afternoon, I started some laundry, did some food preparation, and started to do some baking. I stood for a moment with my apron on and stared at the ingredients spread out before me.
I then took off my apron, put the few items I had gathered away, and left that job for tomorrow. I opted to do some computer work instead, for that I can sit!
Unfortunately, Tim will be busy until late this evening taking care of some pressing business for the college.
Sometimes I think we are getting too old for this; but, after a few good nights of sleep we will be ready to go again. Better busy than bored!


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