Babies Everywhere

One of the pastoral staff, Pastor Lukilo, had asked Tim to dedicate their baby; we set the date for this past Sunday. We announced the previous Sunday that we would be having a special baby dedication service for the following Sunday if there was anyone who wanted to have a baby/child dedicated.

Tim was scheduled to preach and during the early service he dedicated one baby; the family could not be there for the second/main service. As the second service progressed, we noticed women slipping up to the side platform and we realized that they were adding their baby’s name to the growing list of those to be dedicated that morning.

When the time came during the service for the baby dedications, the list of baby names was read and the names were called out one by one. Mothers with newborn babies as well as mothers with school aged children began to fill the entire platform area. By the time the last name was called we had over 30 babies/children to be dedicated.

All the pastoral staff as well as the church elders were needed to move among the group and individually pray for each child and parent. There was one father on the platform with his two children; besides Pastor Lukilo he was the only man that came forward. It spoke loudly of the fact that many women attend church without the support of their husbands.

However, it was a wonderful time; it had obviously been a very long time since there had been a baby dedication at the church. I suggested that we try to have them a little more frequently so that we would not have to do “mass dedications” in the future.

It was a special day for these mothers and children. For a few minutes, these women and children had “center stage” in a traditionally male dominated society where women and children are so often taken for granted. We all relished the moment and took our time; allowing this time to be savored and stored in the hearts and minds of these mothers and children creating special memories for the future.

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