We were in the states during April for our youngest daughter, Sarah’s, graduation from Evangel University. It was truly a testimony to the faithfulness of God; when she was younger and had health issues we weren’t sure she would be able to accomplish a task of this magnitude.
However, she has been living on her own, working and finished school with honors; it is all because of God’s love and faithfulness.
We spent time with our first daughter, Jenn, in Iowa where she lives and works. She is the internet manager for a television station. We enjoyed spending time with her in her home; Jenn is an excellent hostess and a very good cook and we had a lot of fun being with her for a few days.
It is an odd experience when you start seeing your children as young adults making their own way in the world. This visit it felt more like I related to Jenn and Sarah as adults; this is sometimes a difficult switch for parents to make. At least, for me it has been difficult although I am making progress. When I returned home I took out the picture albums and walked down memory lane for a little while as I looked at the pictures of them as children.
They may be adults and the way we relate to each other may undergo change as time goes by, but as long as there are picture albums you can go back in time once in awhile when you need it and they can be little children again as you stroll down memory lane. It’s OK to go back once in awhile as long as you don’t stay there too long.
Be blessed.


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