Breaking Bread Together

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to eat together with the students at the Bible College. This past Monday was one of those occasions. One of the local churches, KVCC, was supplying the evening meal for our 110 students and also invited the faculty and their spouses.
Everyone managed to cram into the Dining Hall; there was a head table set up for the faculty and the students sat around in chairs. We don’t have enough tables for all the students at this time so they are accustomed to this arrangement.
Tanzanians are extremely patient so there was no restlessness as we waited for the food to be ready to serve and after about 30 minutes it was ready. Meanwhile everyone visited; I visited with the faculty wives which I don’t get to do very often.
First we passed by the outdoor water spigot and washed with soap and cold water which is customary here before eating. Again, no rushing and no impatience.
Since Tim is the principal, we went through the line first and everyone patiently waited their turn. When we arrived, only part of the lights were working in the dining hall so it had a candlelight effect. Eventually, the few lights we had went out completely and we had a small battery powered lantern placed on the head table and a small light at the opposite end of the room.
Everyone accepted the dark without complaint and we just ate and fellowshipped together. At the end of the meal we thanked KVCC for supplying the food. Tim said a few words of greeting and then one of the students began to sing a worship chorus. The 150 voices in the darkened room harmonized together without instruments; but it sounded beautiful. There was a holy presence in the room as we sang together and prayed together.
We shared a simple meal of rice, chicken, greens and chapatis. The fellowship, however, was rich and the presence of the Lord was dessert; everyone left satisfied.
Be blessed today.


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