Short Safari Thoughts

Eight people, camping gear and luggage crammed into one Land Cruiser is the beginning of an adventure in and of itself.
Flashes of memory (to be explained in greater detail later): dust, animals, fear, joy, awesome animal sightings, unpacking at the campsite, squat toilets, cold water only, eating for two days with no cooking, borrowed hot water for much needed coffee, putting up tents, blowing up a full sized air mattress by mouth-twice, taking down tents, keeping warm at high altitudes, forgetting your camera, baboons who steal your bag of bananas, elephant in the camp-twice, blue sky, endless view from the edge of the crater, sleeping in the car when the air mattress goes flat, animals rummaging around your tent at night, wishing you had brought your winter clothes for the high altitude, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, driving precariously down a narrow road for steep ascents and descents, laughter, waiting while everyone gets the perfect camera shot, driving for hours and hours, sore muscles, seeing birds, plants and animals you’ve never seen before, making memories, and traveling on safari with family.
Did I mention eight people, camping gear, food and luggage crammed into one Land Cruiser?
More later!


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