"Electrifying" Praise report

We always know that God is watching over us and all that belongs to us; it is one of those absolutes that we believe without reservation. We preach it and speak it regularly without giving much thought to the magnitude of that blessing; sometimes we need a fresh reminder to keep it real to us.

Recently, we were away from home for a week traveling through Tanzania and into Nairobi, Kenya. One day we received a text from a friend who lives in the small guest house on our property in Mwanza. The text was “the pump in the well outside the house caught on fire and there were flames shooting up but it is out now”.

Wow! That will get your attention!

After returning home and investigating the problem we found that one of the huge transformers near our home had exploded sending a bolt of electricity through many of the houses in our neighborhood. In each home, the electricity came out through an appliance or piece of equipment and melted or at least destroyed the particular item.

Our surge traveled through everything in our house including the large transformers in the attic and all the office equipment and exited from the outlet near the pump in our well, not actually from the pump itself. Tim bought the parts for a few dollars and repaired the outlet.

If the surge had exited anywhere in the house, our house could have caught on fire and we could have lost everything.

We have been reminded, once again, that God is watching over us. And, as the scriptures say, He never sleeps nor slumbers. PTL.

Be blessed



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