Time flies…

Yesterday I felt like I blinked and somehow in that infinitesimal amount of time I lost 25 years. Yesterday was our daughter, Jenn’s, birthday. Where did all of that time go?
We sent her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, yellow roses, and called her and chatted for a few minutes via Skype.
Time stretches out in front of us sometimes in what seems like a road that has no end; then suddenly, you find that you have traversed a huge chunk of the road and can’t quite remember how you got from point A to point B so quickly.
Today at the Bible College we had a staff meeting and realized that it had been several weeks since we had our last one; how did that happen?
We were also reminded today the it will be time for mid-term exams after next week; we haven’t even finished closing out the business from the first week of school.
We have finished our first year in Tanzania and have started into our second; I still haven’t done a whole list of things that I thought would need to be done in the first few weeks after our arrival here.
I am reminded today of how quickly time can pass and how valuable a commodity it is to most of us. The thing that bothers me the most about the passage of time is not the things that remain on my “To Do” list. It is the time that I have wasted through the years striving to accomplish tasks instead of making good memories with people I know and care about.
Make a memory today that will bring a smile to your face when you look back on it someday as you travel down the road of life.


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