New Road

Yesterday was a grand day! The Mwanza Bible College sits on top of Bwiru Hill here in Mwanza. Although it affords a lovely view of Lake Victoria, the dirt and rock road that has to be climbed to reach the school has been an ongoing problem since the College opened in 2001.
The road is steep, narrow, filled with deep potholes in some areas and large protruding boulders in others. If a taxi will agree to go up that road, they charge you double price because the road is very bad. We have been praying about that road for years!
Recently, we started up the road only to find it blocked off and city workers working on it. What a shock and surprise. So, for the past two months, we have had to use the back road up to the school; this road is worse than the front road and requires a four-wheel drive vehicle to make the steep ascent over the rocks and boulders.
We have been anxiously anticipating the official opening of the front road. We received a text from our staff at the Bible College Wednesday morning that the new road was open! It was a wonderful drive over new pavement as we drove easily to the top of Bwiru Hill.
Some things you take for granted, like paved roads, until you don’t have them. When you do have them, they are considered a blessing for which you are always thankful.

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