Wearing Shoes

I have always enjoyed moving around my home with no shoes on; I like the feel of the cool ceramic tile on my bare feet.

Here in Mwanza Tanzania we try to keep a pair of flip-flops by the side of our bed at night. If we need to get up in the night we slip our feet into these cheap colorful rubber/plastic shoes before striking out across the dark room.

Yesterday as I was strolling across my the living room enjoying the feel of the ceramic tile on my bare feet, I noticed something laying on the floor so I went to investigate. Upon close examination, I realized that it was a baby snake. It was about 6 inches long and very thin; some might have called it “harmless”. “Snake” and “harmless” cannot be used in the same sentence.

So, I did what anyone would have done; I quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed my can of DOOM ( similar to Raid Bug Spray but stronger due to no restrictions on chemicals here). I returned to the snake which lay contentedly on my floor and proceeded to “doom it” liberally. I apologize to those of you who may love snakes or at least feel that we should “live together in peace” with them. This is my house and my rules apply; snakes are not welcome. They are grouped with those other unwelcome guests: rats, mice and gigantic roaches.

The snake, although not dead, was now immobilized and unable to escape; it lay groggily in the pool of Doom and occasionally lifted it’s head to try for a striking position. Since Tim was not here, I went outside and called for our trusty yard worker, Juma. He came quickly and I pointed out the snake which he quickly picked up on a stick and started outside with it where he would proceed to “take care of it”.

As he passed by he calmly explained, “it is a baby cobra – it’s too small to hurt anyone”. I smiled bravely as if I totally agreed with him.

I quickly went in search of my sandals; the feel of the cool ceramic tile on my bare feet had suddenly lost it’s appeal.
I tried not to wonder where the rest of “baby cobra’s” family might be lurking.
Have a good day.


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