God still heals

Yesterday (Sunday) was Tim’s turn to preach; at the Bible College all teachers are also pastors for the College Church/Bwiru Hill Christian Centre. Since Tim is the Principal, this automatically makes him the Senior Pastor at BHCC as well.
We are thankful for the wonderful group of faculty/pastoral staff that we have to work with during this time of our ministry at the Bible College.
Yesterday Tim felt that he was to preach on the topic of “Miracles” and that afterwards we would have special prayer for those who needed miracles in any area of their lives. During the first service which is mostly made up of the student body at the college, most stood for prayer. Many of the miracles needed in this group had to do with financial needs.
During the second service, which is mostly made up of people from the community, about 2/3 of the congregation stood indicating that they were in need of some kind of miracle, either a physical need, financial need, or a variety of other needs. Everyone, however, felt that their need could only be met by the divine intervention of God.
You can understand the large number of people who respond to this type of prayer invitation; many here can not afford medical help, have no insurance of any kind, no retirement, no government assistance and no way to receive any kind of loan assistance. God is not a last resort for many of these people; He is there only source of help.
Immediately after the second service we had two women who came forward who had been so sick that they almost did not come to church that morning, however, they came in spite of their sickness. Both women testified that while they were being prayed for they felt healing and strength return to their bodies; they were completely healed. We give thanks to God for healing these two women and believe that we will hear more reports of miracles/needs met in the days ahead. God still performs miracles today and we bear witness to this as we continue to minister here in Tanzania.


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