Thanksgiving TZ style

Last Thanksgiving was probably the least traditional and least enjoyable Thanksgiving for our family. Tim was in Dar trying to get our Residence permits. I went to the Ladies Bible Study that morning and then another lady and myself went out afterwards for a vegetarian pizza.
Afterwards, I took a taxi home and spent the remainder of the day alone.
HOWEVER, this Thanksgiving was much more traditional. We ordered a turkey which was brought in from Uganda; the other guests/missionaries chipped in to help pay the $70 for the pleasure of having traditional turkey for Thanksgiving. It definitely wasn’t a Honeysuckle Premium bird but it either wasn’t too bad or we were so happy to have it that it made it taste better.

We had guests over; there were 11 of us in all. Two couples and one individual are Baptist, one couple is AIC (Africa Inland Church/medical) and one dear 70 year old lady is with AIC and Wycliffe Bible Translaters.

We divided the menu and pooled our carefully hoarded American foods for the special day. We had Turkey, Dressing(no celery but still good), Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Bean Casserole (made our own french fried onion ring topping), Sweet Potatoes (local variety but pretty good with enough butter and sugar), fresh veggie salad, fruit salad, homemade rolls and a can of cranberries. For dessert we had pumpkin pie (pie filling from the states), pecan pie (pecans and Karo from the states) and apple pie.

It was a great day of food, fun and fellowship. We each shared things that we were especially thankful for this year and sang some traditional Thanksgiving hymns/choruses; we also played a few fun games together.

Later that night I called my family in the states and spoke with them for a few minutes on Skype and we were able to see each other via the webcam. I wasn’t able to get through to Jenn, our oldest, but will be in contact with her this weekend.

All in all, it was a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving Day in Mwanza, Tanzania for the Americans who gathered in our home; for the rest of Tanzania it was business as usual.

Blessings and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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