Recently, thanks to our friends at Africa’s Hope, we received a shipment of 7 computers. The students had been waiting anxiously for the arrival of these computers so that could receive some basic training on how to use a computer.

Most of them will never own a computer or may never again have access to one. However, they know that things are changing and they want to try to keep up with these changes. When we were here in 2001, Tim was the only one with a cell phone and it was huge compared to the size they are today.

Today, most of our pastors have at least one cell phone and many have two. The reason for having more than one is that it is much cheaper to call someone who uses the same company as you do; so they have a phone from at least two different providers. We have to instruct our students to turn off their cell phones during class time. Not all pastors have cell phones but probably 3/4 of them do.

Of course, they often don’t have any time on their phones, run out while speaking to you, or call quickly to tell you to call them back. It doesn’t cost anything to receive calls on a cell phone here so some of them are quite ingenuous at saving the time on their cells.

So, back to the computers, we had our computer lab up and running for the last term of Bible College and both the first and third year students received some basic computer training. We want to thank Africa’s Hope for their generous contribution of computers to our school; the announcement that they had arrived was met with much excitement by our students.

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