Christmas is finished and we are approaching the final day of 2009; we had a wonderful although short time with Jenn and Sarah. They have returned safely to the states to begin the New Year.
2009 was an incredible year for us here in Tanzania; its hard to believe that it has come to an end. Most of this year’s ministry revolved around the Mwanza Bible College; Tim as principal and me as teacher and administrative assistant.
However, with the beginnning of 2010 we already know that our focus of ministry is going to change. The new Principal has arrived at the Mwanza Bible College to assume his new role; we will continue to work closely with the College even though we will not be there in the same capacity. Joyce will continue to teach and Tim will continue to work on projects for the College; we have many good friends there among the staff and faculty and will always be a part of Mwanza Bible College.
Sometime after the first of the year we will begin a different phase of our ministry which will involve a great deal of travel to the five western districts of Tanzania. All the details have yet to be worked out with our National leadership but we know that we will continue to do our part to spread the Kingdom of God throughout Tanzania in whatever way we are needed.
Happy New Year
Tim and Joyce


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