Happy New Year

Happy New Year (Mwaka Mpya Njema)
We have been in Kenya for almost two weeks; we brought our daughters here to fly back to the states and have been in meetings since then. We are at a beautiful retreat center outside of Nairobi for an East Africa Prayer Retreat. Most Americans would consider it somewhat “rustic” but the grounds are beautiful; green lush grass, bright colorful flowers and a large number of birds.
We have seen many missionaries that we have known through the years and have met many new missionaries as well. It is good to come together as a missionary family to encourage one another, pray with one another and to relax and visit during the breaks. The African missionaries are known to be close knit and the East Africa missionaries are especially close knit; we are a very large family and we look forward to the Brackenhurst Prayer Retreat every two years.
An especially nice asset, for me, is that because of the high elevation here it is very cool here. It’s in the 60’s in the mornings and up in the 70’s during the day; I am loving it.
Tomorrow we head back to Mwanza, Tanzania; it’s about a 10 hour drive. We have enjoyed the break but are anxious to get back to Mwanza and go to work!


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