The Classroom

What does it take to make a good classroom? Do you need four walls, a ceiling and a floor? Do you need chairs, tables, chalkboard, maps, pictures, etc.?

In Tanzania, a church or classroom does not have the same definition as a classroom in America. We have visited a number of churches across western Tanzania since our return here in August of 2008 and have witnessed a variety of churches and classrooms. Most rural TAG churches are constructed in a simple rectangular shape and consist of one large room.

So, they must be creative in finding a place for classrooms, especially when it comes to a place for the children to meet. Unfortunately, in this society, children are generally less important than adults when it comes to providing classrooms, furnishings and curriculum.

The picture on the left is where the children of Ukiriguru Tag meet for their class each week; they borrow benches from inside the church for class time and return them after class. No one seems to mind; you will not hear them complain. Well, maybe during the rainy season they grumble a little…


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