Memory Lane

When our daughters arrived in Tanzania to spend Christmas with us we had agreed not to buy each other gifts; the cost of the trip was our gift to each other.
However, our daughters had spent several months working on a priceless gift for us; they put in many hours making a photo album.
This is not just your “everyday” sort of album as family albums go; this is a work of love and a work of art.
There was a page for my family, Tim’s family, our early years of marriage, our early years as a family, special places we lived, special moments and it was truly a pictorial story of where we started and where we are today as a family.
Each page is beautifully done as only a master “scrapbooker” could do it (Sarah) and a journalist and writer (Jennifer) could arrange it; together they created the most valuable thing that Tim and I own.
Tim and I looked through it with awe and wonder on Christmas day and were both teary eyed before we finished.
The girls have returned to the states and Tim has left for a 10-day long trip; unwisely I decided to look through “the album”. Bad idea, I got halfway through it and had to quit when I couldn’t see the pages anymore and I had to keep blowing my nose…
It is a treasure – just not one that you can look at when you are facing a 10 day stretch alone.


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