My Birthday

Generally speaking, I don’t like to celebrate my own birthdays by having a birthday party and the older I get the less I like to celebrate them. However, I do like to be remembered by friends and family on my birthday and to spend the day with my immediate family over a nice meal if possible.
Yesterday was my birthday and Tim has been gone on a ministry trip for over a week; I wondered what type of a day I would have. I invited two single missionary ladies to join me for my “birthday supper” last night and when they arrived they had baked me a lovely cake.
We ate supper and played games afterwards and had a lot of fun; one of the ladies spent the night with me since she walks here from her home.
In addition, during the course of the day I received numerous phone calls, phone texts and emails from many friends and family as well as most of my missionary team here in Tanzania. I spoke with both my daughters, my husband and two of my sisters on the phone via Skype.
All in all it was a great day; I felt very loved throughout the day and even though I had to concede the fact that I was a year older it was worth it.
In addition, I looked through my special “Memory Book” that my daughters made me for Christmas with my missionary friends and it was a very enjoyable evening reminiscing as we looked at pictures.

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