Children – #2

Yesterday we spent the day at a small church outside of Mwanza in Nyakato; I wrote about this church in my last blog. However, Tim and I spent the day and observed as they touched the lives of over 300 children in their community. They do this every Saturday and they have children coming from all faiths and some with no religious affiliation at all; Muslims, Roman Catholics, Animists, and others. Their parents send them because they receive a hearty lunch, medical assistance for minor ailments and tutoring for those who are struggling in school. They are aware that the children also receive teaching in the Christian faith; however, to these families the benefits out weigh the dangers.
We watch as the staff spend their day touching the lives of these little ones with the love of Jesus. The pastor moves among them throughout the day giving a pat or a hug and calling most of them by name; the children are flourishing under the love of this pastor and his church.

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