Spiritual Emphasis Week

Last week was Spiritual Emphasis Week at the Mwanza Bible College. Rob Shipley, missionary from Uganda, was our guest speaker for the week.

We had chapel services in the mornings with the students and the church people were invited to join us for the evening services. Rob was a real blessing to our students as he encouraged us to be leaders who are led by the Spirit and who preach and teach the whole Word of God. Rob gave them much to “chew” on from the scriptures; some of it was contrary to to their culture and will take time to “swallow” and “digest”.

Whenever you ask, “If anyone has a need, please come to the front for special prayer” you can usually expect almost 100% of the students to come forward. They have serious needs and the only source they have to receive answers is through prayer to God and his provision.

On the last evening we had those students and church members who wanted to be filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or refilled with the Spirit to come forward and probably 90% of the people came forward.

We had many refilled with the Holy Spirit and several church people who received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit for the first time. We had one woman who came forward and was demon possessed and she was set free after being prayed for by some of the women in the church.

We praise the Lord for his blessings on our Spiritual Emphasis Week.

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