Month of Guests

Wow, I can’t believe it is March 12 already and I have not updated our website for almost two weeks. My apologies to those faithful few who check for updates regularly.
We have had guests almost every day this month; the first week we had the leaders from the TAG National Education Department visiting our Mwanza Bible College. They were here from Monday – Thursday; it was good to have them in our home so that we could get to know them better.
This week we have Michael and Tiffany Richardson staying with us; they are our newest team members and are attending Language school in nearby Musoma. They have a week break from school and are staying with us for the week. It’s nice to have them here; they are the age of our daughters and we get to dust off our parenting skills and pretend we have college kids in our home once again. Michael and Tiffany are very gracious and tolerant of us. They are helping us prepare for the team arriving next Wednesday from Kansas City, MO.
This team will be doing some painting at the Bible College and then Saturday and Sunday we will go out into a couple of villages and do Children’s ministry. Tiffany is helping me prepare crafts for about 350 children from the ages of 3-13; this involves a lot of writing, cutting, glueing, typing, hole punching, string tying… well, you get the picture.
Michael is helping Tim take care of preparing enough beds(yesterday they welded metal legs on metal frames), buying supplies, locating a small bus/van to rent, arranging for meetings, lining up activities, making contacts and a multitude of other tasks that are necessary when hosting a team.
In addition we have the usual day to day things that must be dealt with both here and at the Mwanza Bible College.
And, since I have a list of things to accomplish today I’d better close for now and get busy!


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