You shouldn’t be a missionary if…

You shouldn’t be a missionary if:
1. You are easily frightened.
2. you won’t eat something you can’t identify.
3. you can’t live without certain foods.
4. you have an aversion to creepy crawly things.
5. you can’t adjust quickly to new situations.
6. you are afraid of change.
7. you have trouble saying “Goodbye”.
8. you don’t like being stared at or standing out in a crowd.
9. you can’t imagine driving for hours on dirt roads.
10. you need to spend time with family on a regular basis.
11. your wardrobe must be up to date and in style.
12. you don’t want to be laughed at.
13. things that don’t work drive you crazy.
14. people annoy you.
15. waiting in long lines for hours is one of your pet peeves.
16. you can’t imagine a world without Walmart.
17. fast food is your favorite food.
18. you panic when the lights go out.
19. you think your way is the only way.
20. you think everyone should speak English!

Being a missionary is not for the faint hearted, close minded, weak in the knees, weak in the faith, resistant to change, easily overwhelmed person. It is, however, for the person who feels called by God to go to unknown places to be with unknown people with unknown customs who speak an unknown language and yet they need to know a Savior who is unknown to them.


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