Those Unexpected Happenings

It’s those unexpected happenings that keep you on your toes. The first day that the team from Turning Point Church in Kansas City arrived last week, we had a Green Mamba get into the house. He decided to go into the door facing and has not been found since; we choose to assume that he died. We assume this because Tim almost emptied a can of “Doom” bug spray into the are of the door frame he went into and we have not seen him/her since then.
Later, when Tim and I checked the house before turning in for the night after our guests were in bed, we found a baby cobra in the living room. Thank goodness we had more “Doom” and Tim still had his strong “stomping” shoes on! Sorry, team, we didn’t tell you about that one!
It’s only the third time we’ve seen a green mamba in the past year and a half and the second time for the baby cobra. Of course, they would both show up on the same day; I suppose it was kind of a “Welcome to Africa” sort of thing.
The next night, the guard came to the door to let us know that our male Rottweiler, Jeffie, had escaped under the fence and was fighting with a pack of dogs. This was about midnight and we had just gotten ready for bed. Tim went out and he and Charles chased Jeffie around for almost 2 hours before giving up and coming home. Jeffie returned later that morning with not a scratch on him to show for his battle with the other dogs.
Later in the week, on two separate nights our female dog, Gin, killed two of the neighbors chickens who wandered into our yard. Our worker assured us that we did not have to pay for the expired chickens because the neighbors had been warned numerous times about the wandering chickens. In addition, the front toilet decided to malfunction on several occasions.
These are just some of the highlights; sometimes we have a busy and eventful day even before we have breakfast!!! Maybe if we would eat breakfast earlier…..
There were lots of “unexpected happenings” and “last minute” changes and adaptations while the team was here; wonderful lessons in flexibility for all of us. The team, by the way, handled these changes and interruptions with great grace and flexibility.
All in all, it’s been a normal week sprinkled with a few unexpected happenings to keep us alert and on our toes.


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