The Invasion

Tis the season for “Siafu”; this is the name given to the large biting ants we have here in East Africa. Normally, we don’t see too many of them, just the occasional line as they move from location to location.
However, they have been everywhere on our property in the past week moving in huge writhing masses across the ground and walls. There are literally thousands of them, sometimes the lines of moving ants can be almost a foot wide and several layers deep as they travel. Tim has gone through large amounts of spray that he mixes and sprays on their mounds and around the house to keep them outside.
Monday night, Lisa, the renter for our guest house came to the door and they had invaded her house; moving in a mass down her wall from the attic. They don’t detour around anything but crawl over whatever is in their path. Tim went down with the sprayer and spent two hours spraying inside and outside the house. Of course, these are biting ants and they move quickly so he had to take a number of breaks when they got inside his clothes and began biting.
Yesterday was one of those days “NOT” spent doing ministry. In addition to spraying the ant army we had a broken water line outside the house that he had to repair.
To top of the day, he killed two green mamba snakes, one in the guest house and one in our house. The day before he killed one outside the guest house; the rainy seasons don’t just bring the rain. The trees, grasses and crops spring to life as does many things in the animal kingdom.
Today is a new day and we never know what the day will bring; it keeps life interesting.


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