Jesca K

Recently, I have been interviewing some of the female students at the Bible College for scholarship applications. It was amazing to hear some of their stories and humbling to hear their tales of pain and difficulty. From time to time, I want to share a few sentences about the lives that some of them have lived.

Jesca was raised in a non-Christian home and as a young girl went to live with her brother because her family was poor and could not care for her. Her brother’s wife beat her severely when her husband was away at work, refused to give her much food to eat and finally drove Jesca out of their home and into the streets. Jesca lived on the streets as a young teen girl and slept wherever she could find a place to lay down; often outside on the ground. One night, Jesca was severely beaten by some thieves when they found her sleeping outside as they went through the neighborhood. She was found and taken to the home of a local pastor where she was cared for by the pastor and his family. Because of the love she was shown in their home Jesca eventually became a Christian.

Today, she is a pastor’s wife and has 3 small children; she desires to help her husband in the area of Evangelism when she graduates Bible College.

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