Mama Malula’s story

Recently, I have been interviewing women students at the Mwanza Bible College as part of the process to obtain some scholarships for them from stateside donors. I thought I would share some of their stories with you.

Tanzanians, generally, are very reluctant to talk about themselves. It is sometimes like pulling the proverbial teeth to get information about their past lives and experiences. The women seem particularly reticent to reveal a lot about their pasts.
I have been amazed at the stories that come out of these interviews. Last week I interviewed two ladies; Mama Malula was abandoned by her birth mother and she and her twin were raised by their Grandfather. They lived in the village and because it was just the three of them and her Grandfather was very old, they often went without food.

Mama Malula was saved when she was fifteen; one day at school she heard a man’s voice singing praise and worship songs to God and she and some of her classmates followed the sound of his voice. When they found him outside his home he offered to pray for those who were sick; when many were healed instantly the students accepted his invitation to accept Jesus as Savior. The students were beaten, starved and threatened by their teachers and families and all but three of them turned back to Islam. Mama Malula was one of the three who refused to abandon her new faith. Today she is married with four children and she and her husband pastor a small church.

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