Wow, how did that happen?
We find ourselves in the middle of July and I have not posted any blogs for this month. We’ve been so busy that we would not have even remembered the 4th of July celebrations in America if our daughter had not emailed us some pictures of a fireworks display from her iphone. I do love those firework displays for the 4th.
Actually, the explanation is fairly simple; we have been gone for 10 days to Dodoma, Tanzania for our Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) General Council which meets every two years. The days prior to that were trying to prepare for our departure and taking care of an almost unending amount of time consuming “stuff”.
This is the first year it has been held outside of Dar Es Salaam; Dodoma is only about a 9 hour drive for us whereas Dar Es Salaam is about a 14-15 hour drive requiring us to break it up into two days since it is not recommended for us to travel at night.
It was an awesome Council this year with over 2,500 pastors attending the council in the new University of Dodoma Udome.
There were a number of firsts for the Council this year so I will be sharing that information with you over the next few days.
Richard Dubose, General Superintendent for the North Texas District, was our Council speaker this year and he did an incredible job. He was definitely lead by the Spirit as he spoke to us each morning and evening from the Word of God with deep things that our pastors and leaders needed to hear. We, the missionary body, were also ministered to through his messages.
We arrived home on Saturday evening tired and glad to be home in our own beds! However, the 10 days spent in Dodoma were a blessing to us.
I will share more with you in the next day or two and include some pictures as well.
Be blessed.
Tim and Joyce


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