Missionary to a Foreign Land

During this past week at the Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) General Council, there were a number of “firsts” that took place.

One of those was the Commissioning service for Foreign Missionaries; not those of us from America who have come to Tanzania but those from Tanzania who are being sent to other countries.
There were four couples who were commissioned that night and it was an incredible event for those of us who are missionaries from America. Two of these four couples are being sent to the country of Madagascar and the other two are possibly going to one of those countries that are difficult for Americans to gain access to and move about freely.

After these new missionaries were commissioned and prayed for, we American missionaries felt compelled to wait at the bottom of the steps as they left the platform and shake their hands and encourage them.

These Tanzanian missionaries that are being sent out will not have all the benefits that we Americans have, such as STL, LFTL, BGMC, medical insurance, retirement benefits, etc. They are more like those first disciples in the New Testament who were sent out two by two into the world. Although they will have some funds provided for them, much of their missionary calling will be done in true faith; believing without seeing that God will provide for them.

Kudos to our Tanzanian missionary brothers and sisters!

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