August travels

Tim is going to be traveling 3 of the 4 weeks in August; right now he is on a 13 day trip to the sections in our five western districts. He is part of a team that includes the General Superintendent of the Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) and his wife, the National Director for Children’s Ministries and himself.
Their goal is to travel to as many of the sections in these districts as possible; they are traveling to 2-3 sections each day.
Their day begins at sunrise and they go all day preaching, teaching and traveling their way around the western part of Tanzania. They eat a late supper, usually the only meal they have that day, and fall into bed exhausted each night. They start the process over the next day.
They will return here on Thursday this week and Tim will have 3 days to rest, take care of as much business as he can while he is home and prepare for the 9 hour trip to Dodoma to meet with a team from the Southern Missouri District on Tuesday the 17th. This team is coming to hold a conference to launch Men’s Ministries here in Tanzania.
The team departs from Mwanza on the 25th of this month and the General Superintendent, Mtokambali and his team will return on August 30; they will be here until September 9.
As we look ahead at September and October there seems to be a lot of travel scheduled for those two months as well.
Such is the life of a missionary.


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