The ABC show, 20/20, aired a show last week about the plight of Albinos in Tanzania. These people are hunted down and killed or mutilated so that witch doctors can use their body parts to make special potions that are believed to bring wealth and success.
The Albinos often move to the cities where they are safer than they are in the villages; about 50 were killed or maimed last year.
Joyce has been burdened for these people since the first of the year and we have began to gather information, make contacts, and had spoken to our missionary team here in Tanzania about beginning an outreach ministry to the Albinos.
We live in Mwanza and the largest population of Albinos live in this region and most of the attacks against the Albinos take place in our region.
There is a primary school just outside Mwanza where about 130 children live and are educated; most of these children are Albinos. These children have many practical needs such as clothing, personal hygiene products, school supplies and bedding. They also need, due to their Albinism, wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, learning equipment for the blind since most are legally blind and sun glasses. They have emotional needs since many of them are separated from their families, isolated from the rest of the world and live in constant fear.
They have spiritual needs, most of them are brought up in pagan beliefs and superstition. They need to learn about a God who loves them, will provide for them and will protect them; he can set them free from their fears.
The show aired by ABC’s 20/20 has brought the problems facing the Albino people of Tanzania into the homes of Americans. Many of you are responding by contacting the A/G World Missions Department to ask how you can help; they are setting up a special account to receive donations. If you want to send a donation to help minister to the needs of the children in this Primary school, you can send your donation to Tim & Joyce Jarvis c/0 AGWM 1445 Boonville Ave. Springfield MO 65802 (Account #221146) and designate it for the “Tanzania Albino Ministry”.
We will keep you posted as we continue to develop this outreach ministry to the Albino people of western Tanzania.


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